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When was the last time you washed the exterior of your home? If you are like most Montgomery County homeowners, it’s been a while. Many consider house washing an expense but actually, it's an investment. The biggest expense for most people is their home, why not clean your exterior surface to protect that investment while increasing your curb appeal. The reason why most people do not wash their homes is that it's back-breaking and time-consuming. Who wants to devote their day off to house wash their brick, stucco, or vinyl siding? Luckily, you do not have to. Community Contracting specializes in soft house washing, we use a low pressure, damage-free cleaning process to rid your home of unsightly gunk such as:
  • Mold

  • Mildew

  • Algae

  • Pollen

  • Rust

  • Dirt & Debris

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    Why You Should Pressure Wash

    Our soft house washing bolsters the appearance of the exterior of your home, but this is just one of the benefits derived from house washing. Using low-pressure water that is safe on your exterior surfaces such as brick and siding along with our proven cleaning agents breaks down the living organisms that could damage the surface of your exterior if left unchecked. When you have your exterior professionally cleaned on a routine basis you extend the life of your homes exterior.
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    SE Pennsylvania Exterior Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning

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    Our team is committed to offering homeowners & commercial property owners in our area quality exterior cleaning at a reasonable price.

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    We know we will exceed your expectations this is why we offer a 100% guarantee on all our exterior cleaning services, no questions asked!

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    Community Contracting is fully insured for our customer's safety and peace of mind. When you hire us you will know you hired the right team.

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    Need multiple services such as gutter cleaning and soft wash roof cleaning? Ask about our bundle services designed to save our customers money and time.

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    Call today for your free quote, there are no hidden fees & we quote gutter cleaning over the phone no appointment is needed.

    Services We Offer

    Soft House Washing

    Commercial Exterior Wash

    Soft Wash & Pressure Washing

    Window Cleaning

    Gutter Cleaning & Repairs

    Roof Cleaning

    Rust Removal

    Parking Lot Cleaning

    Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing

    Pressure House Washing

    While many residents commonly use pressure washers on their house, doing so can have an adverse effect. Pressure house washing can actually cause damages to your homes home. Your house is built to withstand rain and other moisture but when water is shot at too high of a PSI it can get into the interior walls of your home causing mold, damp attics, and ruined carpet. In fact, pressure house washing can damage siding, knocking it loose or blasting away the mortar on your brick home. It can also destroy window screens leading to leaks in your seals or strip off the paint. These are the reasons that Community Contracting relies on the use of soft house washing.

    Soft House Washing

    Don’t let the name “soft house washing” fool you. When we wash the house, we work wonders. Soft washing involves traditional pressure washing machinery, but the pressure is reduced so that it removes the toughest stains without causing any harm to your exterior. The magic is in our biodegradable house washing detergents and our commercial grade pressure washer. On commercial pressure washers, the specialized tips are designed to widen the area of spray, reducing the force of water, unlike a pressure washer you would pick up at a hardware store. House soft washing is safe and effective for cleaning cedar plank or vinyl siding, brick, stucco, Hardi plank, painted exterior, trim wood, and more. It will not damage paint or mortar nor etch your surfaces.

    With Community Contracting  soft house washing everything below your roof will be transformed, including:

    • Gutter Exterior

    • Roof Overhang

    • Painted Trim

    • Siding

    Including all four sides of your Montgomery County home cleansing it from grime, bird dropping, and unsightly stains that leave a bad impression. Don’t you deserve to come home to a house that makes you happy to see? Let Community Contracting be a valuable part of helping you maintain your home so you can prevent more costly problems later down the road. In addition to soft pressure washing, we also offer pressure washing for fences, decks, patios, and breezeways so that your home and those who dwell in it are healthy and happy. 

    House Washing Q & A

    How often should I have my house washed? 

    We recommend having your home washed once a year to keep it free from dirt, mold, mildew, and moss that can leave permanent stains on your brick, siding, and other exterior materials. 

    How much does it cost for soft house washing? 

    The cost for soft house washing depends on the size of your home and the stains that are affixed to the surface, the best way to find out the cost of house washing is to have a no-cost home consultation, we would love the opportunity to meet with you, inspect your home and tell you an upfront cost. Our prices are fair and comparable with other house washing pros in southeast PA. 

    Why Should I hire a professional?

    We recommend hiring a professional house washing company because you need someone with the right tools and knowledge to wash your home the right way. We ensure we will get you better results because of the years of experience we offer, it's our job and all our work comes with  a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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