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Have you ever wondered how to spruce up your business to attract more customers? One of the easiest ways to boost your curb appeal overnight is with commercial pressure washing. With our service, we will rewind the hands of time removing dirt and harmful botanical growth to make the outside of your building look as warm and inviting as the inside. Unlike traditional commercial pressure, we use a soft wash approach that will not cause harm to your exterior surfaces the way a high blast of water will. Soft commercial pressure washing is also designed to clean deep into the concretes pores so you can go longer in between cleanings. Commercial pressure washing is a vital part of protecting the investment of your business and ensuring that you have the best professional image possible.
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Commercial Building Washing Benefits

The biggest benefit of commercial pressure washing is the preservation of your Pennsylvania property. Using soft pressure washing will remove algae, mold, and moss from your building siding, bricks, and wood. Depending on what the job entails will determine the best way of cleaning the area. In addition to commercial building washing, we also offer pressure washing for your parking lot and hardscape. Years of wear and tear can take their toll and decrease your property value this is why we suggest at least having us pressure washing your commercial property once a year.
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Commercial Washing Services

Another benefit of commercial pressure washing is the image it gives to your business. With all the priorities you have routine maintenance may take a backseat, when this happens your property's curb appeal suffers and so does your reputation. However, have you considered that while the inside of your business is important, how will any visitor know if the outside of the building detours them from paying you a visit? Do not allow your curb appeal or reputation in the Montgomery County community to suffer, call Community Contracting for a free no-hassle quote for all your commercial pressure washing needs.

Commercial House Washing Questions?
We have answers.

What is Commercial Pressure

Washing ​ Commercial pressure washing is an investment into your business, we do not use traditional commercial pressure washers that will cause damage to your bricks, wood, or siding instead we rely on the use of commercial soft building washing. Our chemicals are a mixture of water and special cleaning agents to safely remove any tough stain from your commercial building, sidewalk, or parking lot. Not only does your property look great after pressure washing but it is a preventive measure to long-term cosmetic issues, many of these issues can leave permanent damages that are costly to repair. ​ ​

What All Surfaces do You Pressure Wash?

  • Our knowledgeable and skilled team specializes in commercial pressure washing for properties up to 32 feet tall in the southeastern PA area.
  • Buildings Structures (Brick, Stucco, Stone, Wood)
  • Roofs
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking Lots & Parking Garages
  • Retaining Walls
  • Slate and Stone Pavers
  • Algae, mold, and moss removal
  • Rust Removal

How much does it cost to pressure wash my parking lot? ​

The best way to determine the cost for pressure washing your parking is for us to come to your property, take measurements and view the condition of your parking lot. Generally, the first cleaning is the most expensive cleaning especially if it has been a few years. Community Contracting never charge for an estimate and offer and upfront and fair market value. Contact us today to discuss your pressure washing needs or to schedule a free consultation.