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​Graffiti is Bad for PA Business owners

Sadly, you come into work to discover the walls and or doors of your commercial property, shopping center or place of business has been tagged. These illegal marketing made with aerosol paint, household paint, permanent marker, or acid etching must be removed promptly.  While graffiti is vandalism that if left can tank your property value and scars our community you are held responsible. While no business owner or community should have to endure unwanted graffiti or tagging. We want to offer our service to ensure that not only the graffiti is removed but that it's done without further property damage from the blast of water that traditional pressure washing services use.

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Grafitti Removal Process

Community Contracting removes unsightly tagging and graffiti hoodlums leave behind. With the use of our powerful but nonharmful soft washing, we can take off the paint without harming the surface. Our process is to allow our environmentally cleaning agents to do all the work. Our cleaning agent will lift the graffiti off surfaces such as brick, wood, concrete, and other building materials without harming the exterior the way traditional pressure washing does. As Montgomery County soft and pressure washing experts not only can we remove graffiti we can also remove rust. We recommend removing it as quickly as possible because this is the easiest time to remove it damage-free and detour future graffiti tagging. In addition to offering commercial properties graffiti removal, we also offer our services to homeowners. Whether the graffiti or tagging is from spray paint, traditional paint, or permanent marker we have the experience to restore your surface the way it was prior to the episode. Don’t let these toxic compounds garnish your image or our community. Call today to hire our skilled, knowledge and reliable graffiti removal specialist if you are in the southeastern Pennsylvania area.
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While graffiti is difficult to remove and requires a delicate process, Community Contracting can help you maintain the beauty of southeastern Pennsylvania by eliminating the graffiti from your commercial and private property to restore your business's image. Like you, we are small business owners and understand that image is vital to the success of your business. Nothing taints your image quite the way tagging, and graffiti does. After all, you only get one chance to make a great first impression and an unsightly building can lead to loss of revenue as foot traffic is reduced. Eliminating graffiti as soon as it appears makes it easier to be removed while reducing the risk of being vandalized again. If you need a professional team to put your property back to normal following this malicious damage such as tagging, we offer commercial graffiti removal anywhere in the southeastern PA area, call us today.

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