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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

You may think that roof cleaning is just to improve your curb appeal, but you would only be partially correct. While a well-maintained and clean roof does increase your home’s value and aesthetic appeal our team does more than just pressure washing your roof to remove leaves, twigs, and dirt. In fact, you may be aware that pressure washing a roof can actually lead to damages. Your roof is designed to handle hard rain, but it is not designed to be blasted with high-pressure water. Pressure washing a roof can easily shift the tiles allowing unnecessary water to spray underneath the roof's materials shortening the life span of the roof you are trying to protect. Instead, Community Contracting takes roof cleaning to the next level to restore the color of your roof while ensuring that your roof shingles and roofing materials last as long as possible.
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More Affordable Than You Think

Roofs are expensive to replace yet tend to be one of the most neglected parts of the home because there are problems that you may not see from the ground level. However, when it comes to your roof, out of sight should not mean out of mind. Often when a roof is not routine soft-washed it becomes more than just dirty, it becomes infected with fungi, mildew, mold, algae, and moss known as biomass. Roof cleaning with a pressure washer only eliminates the external layer of this biomass but does nothing to fix the root of the problem so the issue returns. With our proven ARMA method we do not just clean the surface we remove the bacteria that create this problem, to begin with, offering a solution that lasts 4 to 6 times longer compared to standard roof cleaning with pressure washing.
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Increase Your Roof Lifespan

Soft roof washing removes what Pennsylvania's harsh outdoor climate leaves behind. Your exterior takes a beating from rain, snow, and ice to UV rays and other pollutants that can greatly impact the lifecycle of your roof shingles. In fact, not cleaning your roof can shorten the lifespan of your shingles by as much as 25 years this is why your insurance company may require you to wash your roof. Many insurance companies will cancel your coverage or deem you ineligible for renewal if you fail to routinely wash your roof to remove dark streaks.

Safer than Pressure Washing

Soft washing is tough enough to combat these issues but safe enough for your lawn, landscape, and outdoor pets. Our cleaning agents make use of biodegradable chemicals to break down dirt, grime, bird dropping, and nest while also killing mold, mildew, moss and other bacteria on your roofing shingles and system leaving your roof clean and disinfected. Soft roof washing on a routine basis does more than roof cleaning it treats the issue on your roof that cause them.

Saves You Time

Roof cleaning is not only tricky but dangerous. Most Montgomery homeowners are unfamiliar with the use of tools like ladders and pressure washers which has led to many unnecessary accidents. In addition, when roof washing is done incorrectly you can inadvertently lose your tiles or shingles.  When we wash your roof, you can trust that your roof is safely and effectively cleaned and rinsed so the solvents and surfactants do not dry on your tiles or shingles.

Removes Moss, Mold & Mildew
During Pennsylvania, rainy and humid season algae and botanical growths can quickly grow on your roof surface. This causes the material of your roof to become damp which may lead to rot. When rot occurs, mold follows. When left untreated mold can erode your shingles and spread onto the adjacent structures. In addition to mold that can grow on your roof you may also have moss

Roof Washing Q & A

What are those black streaks on my roof? 

The main bacteria that cause those “black-streaks” on your roofs are called Globocrats Magma, this bacterium as well as other bacteria, algae, molds, fungus, and lichen are one of the main causes of roofing material breakdown and decomposition. The lichen has a filament root system that will grow down into an asphalt shingle to feed and ultimately pull the aggregate granule layer off exposing the asphalt layer, therefore, starting a rapid deterioration. When you keep your roof thoroughly cleaned you eliminate these risks down to their root and maximize your shingle life for up to 20-25 years. The best preventive to all of this is soft washing. 

What happens if I don't wash my roof?

During Pennsylvania, rainy and humid months algae and other botanical growths such as moss and lichens can quickly grow on your roof causing your roof to remain damp and this can cause rot. While algae are unattractive, they are not harmful to your shingles the way moss is. Moss makes the edges of the shingles curl upward, making your shingles more likely to come off. 

How To Remove Moss From My Roof?

There is not a single roof in Montgomery County that is not susceptible to moss, the best way to remove moss from your roof is with soft pressure washing.  We can remove moss from cedar shakes, tiles, asphalt, or composite shingled roofs. The reason you want to make sure to remove moss from your roof is that it will grow, pushing under the shingles, tiles, and shakes which leads to damaging your roof. Some of these damages such as holes and thin spots will eventually cause leaks. Removing moss from the roof is best left to a professional team that has the knowledge and equipment to clean your roof without causing any damages. When we remove moss from the roof, we are extremely careful to prevent damages through forced removal. Instead, any loose moss that does not detach we neutralized (kill) during our service and let the weather wash away.  

Does it Cost For a Roof Washing Quote? 

No, we never charge to quote the cost to soft wash your roof however It does require we come to your property, you can ensure we will be mindful of your schedule and arrive on time. In addition to roof cleaning we also offer residents bundle discounts so that you can have your roof and house washed the same day and save a little change in the process. Call today and speak with one of our helpful and courteous team members

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